It was a very pleasant afternoon and I had my new Penny Board so there was only one thing to do, go for an adventure on my board and take some photographs. It took me five minutes or so to get the hang of the board as it was a slightly  different to my old board as the trucks were much looser. However, after the first five minutes or so it was like I had been riding it all along, so I set off up the road. I skated to a country lane near my house where I could skate along the open road without any cars to dodge. It was amazing being out there, rolling fields at either side, a sparsely clouded sky, the muffled rolling sound of my new penny board, oh and a few cows. I must have been out there for hours skating back and forth along the quiet lane on my own, it was just nice to get out the house for a bit and relax in the fresh air. I’m someone who can’t just sit and relax in the garden and read a book, for me skating somewhere like that is relaxing and enjoyable at the same time. I’ve included some of the many photographs I took out there, some of them I experimented with the timer on the camera so I could get some photographs of myself, I was quite pleased with he results so hope you like the photos.



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