Penny Nickel Board

I have wanted a Penny Board for a while now. I remember being in London and seeing people cruising around on them on the South Bank, a lot of you tubers I watch also feature them regularly in their videos. They always looked so cool, and just a nice way to get from A to B. I also plan on doing some travelling after university so it seemed like something that would be useful to me as they are fantastic travel companions. However, I didn’t want to spend £120 on one straight away, get it and find that I couldn’t ride it as I have never been successful on a regular skateboard. Whilst in the France this summer, me and my sister picked up a cheap version of a Penny nickel board for €20 to learn on. It was defiantly a worthwhile purchase, I’ve used it almost everyday this summer. I can tell you now, they are so easy to get the hang of compared to a normal skateboard, it probably took me about a week to get to the point where I was confident. I always said to myself that when I got to this point I would take the plunge. Recently, Penny Australia started doing a back to school deal where you got a board and a Penny pouch for the great price £120 so I decided to go for it! The custom board that I originally wanted wasn’t available with this deal so I went for my other favourite, the glow in the dark with the black penny pouch. This was a great price as the board on its own is £100 and the pouch £45. So, the board came today and it is very nice the white deck is really nice as it is not pure white but a transparent white which has a green tinge to it when in a dim light. You can defiantly feel the quality compared with my other board. Anyway, I will post tomorrow with a better review after my first ride.



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