My Short Vacation Travel Essentials

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So, I am going to Dublin for two days and so I thought I would show you a few of the essential items that I take on a short trip / weekend break. I mean, these essentials may vary slightly, but I tried to include things that I pretty much take on all my trips. This is a short trip, we are staying for one night, but due to flight times we effectively have two full days. Because it’s a short trip, I try to pack light so that I am only using hand luggage. The bag I am using is my Eastpak Returnity Padded Pak’r in green, I have had this bag a while now, its not too big, its comfy to carry and I think it looks good, I will do a review of this bag at some point. Clothes-wise, I am taking one pair of jeans with me which I could wear for both days as they tend to go with everything. I am also taking a nice t-shirt to wear the second day. A t-shirt can look smart on its own, plus it is only small and light so won’t take up a lot of space in my bag. The weather should be mild so I usually take my Ben Sherman Harrington jacket as it is just a good everyday smart jacket, I think it looks especially smart in the racing green colour. Now, I think one of the most important things for a city trip is a good pair of comfy shoes which allow you to walk for hours without hurting your feet. The obvious choice for me is my Nike Flyknit Lunar 3, they are the comfiest shoes I have very had, the Lunarlon sole is great especially coupled the Flyknit upper, they feel like slippers. I will also review these at a later date.

Now, I am a bit of a tech geek so I always have some gadgets with me in my bag, especially my laptop and my iPod. I also use my phone a lot outside the UK, mostly as a camera because the iPhone 6 has a fantastic camera as well as the fact it fits in your pocket. Speaking of cameras, I am also taking along my Olympus Trip 35 film camera, it gets some great shots and I also think it looks pretty good with its retro look. I like the surprise of developing the pictures as you never know quite how they will turn out.

A few other things I am taking are my V05 matt clay hair product, my L’Oréal Men Hydra Energetic eye roll-on, Fat face shampoo and body wash and Autograph sports aftershave ( always got to smell nice). I also always take a notepad / travel journal to write things down about the trip and to do lists. In the way of reading materials, I am taking an issue of Monocle Magazine, it’s a magazine I enjoy reading as it includes a lot about my three favourite things: fashion, travel and photography. Plus, it is quite a big magazine so there is plenty to read for the whole length of my trip.

Finally, last but no least my Penny Board, I couldn’t go to a city and not take it with me It’s great for getting for place to place, a great tool to explore. I also think it adds something to your look, the colour of my board, black and white seems to go with everything.

Anyway, let me know some of your travel essentials in the comments.



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