As you might see from future posts, I am a big fan of charity shops. I believe that if you look well enough and regularly enough you can find some fantastic things. I have some other clothes to show you in future posts but my latest find was this pair of brown leather boots. Now, I haven’t purchased many pairs of shoes from charity shops as they are rarely in my size,  but it seemed that just the time I found a pair of shoes I liked, they were actually my size. This was a pair of Brown leather boots which are from the brand Kickers. I found these in my favourite RSPCA charity shop where all clothes are priced at £1 and shoes at £2 so I paid only £2 for this pair of boots. I know what your thinking,  it must be full of rubbish at that price, however, it isn’t, I have found so many amazing things in their from brands such as ted baker and Gant. I’m think my pictures make them look in a lot worse condition than they are, in fact they are in good condition. They have a great sole which is something I always look for in boots, they are also made of really great quality leather in two different shades. The lighter coloured leather is slightly worn but I think it adds character to the boots, I always prefer leather to have a worn and rustic look. I saw these boots and just thought to myself I don’t have a pair of boots but every man should own a nice pair of brown boots, and for £2 you can’t go wrong.

Let ,me know some of the best things You have found in charity shops.



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