Aztec shirt
Aztec shirt


Green shirt
Green shirt


Suede Jacket
Suede Jacket
aztec shirt with suede jacket
aztec shirt with suede jacket

Whilst in Dublin in the trendy temple bar area I found a great little vintage shop called Tola Vintage. Everywhere I go, I am always on the look out for vintage clothes shops and charity shops because you can find great deals but also because I really like vintage style. It was one of the best vintage shops I have come across in terms of amount and quality of stock, and the prices were pretty reasonable, I would recommend checking out their website and they are also on the asos marketplace. The pictures above are of the items I purchased and some outfit examples.

The first item, the aztec shirt is my favourite item, I have been looking for a shirt of this pattern for a while but didn’t want to purchase a mainstream design from a larger store, so this was a great find, just to have something a bit unique. The colours are also great coming into autumn as they are dark blue and brown so its a shirt I can continue to wear throughout the year. The only thing is, the sleeves are a bit too short, however, I always roll my shirt sleeves up anyway so its fine. Shown in the feature picture is the outfit I wore the shirt in the other day, just open with a white t-shirt underneath, black jeans and my timberland boat shoes. I picked the shirt up for £20.

The next shirt was a green shirt with a floral pattern. This was an absolute bargain as I picked it up in the bargain section for only £1. I know it is a summery shirt but for £1 I couldn’t resist. The shirt looks great in the same outfit but would also look great with a pair of denim shorts. The shirt is slightly on the baggy side so I like to wear it open.

Finally, I picked up a really nice brown suede jacket. This was £30 so a bit on the expensive side for second hand but I thought it was a great jacket. It is in great condition and has a really good checked lining. It will be nice for those cold dry days in the coming months. In the final picture I have shown it in the outfit with the aztec shirt as the colours in the two complement each other. This will be a really good fall outfit.



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